Dragonhawkstore is an officially authorized store by Dragonhawk Tattoo brand, aiming to provide high quality tattoo machines for tattoo artists to make more great tattoo work.

Dragonhawk Mast Sensor

Brushless Motor; 4MM Stroke; Ergonomic Grip

Available in Black, Matte Black, Green, Purple and Rose Gold

With this wireless tattoo pen machine, this tattoo pen machine suits tattoo styles like old school, totem, flourish, cartoon, old traditional and bold lines.


Mast Tattoo Ink

Dragonhawk Mast Ink is coming now. Mast Tattoo Ink is a pre-dispersed premium ink created to provide artists with bolder, long-lasting colors.




Good Service Everytime

These needles are always great!! Really happy with the product very helpful

Yovanik Calderon
Nashville, TN

It's a great machine for their price.

It's a good machine I really like it. I used a machine that was worth 3 times this one. I would have to replace the motor 2 to 3 times a year. Is this machine last longer than that one and I enjoy it more. I've been tattoo 15years and I haven't found a better deal for what it is.

Dave ONeill
Louisville, KY

Wonderful Machine

Love the weight and shape of it, very convenient and lightweight. You have to readjust every time you use different brand of cartridges. Battery last quite a bit, I’d say at least 4-6 hours.

Alina Balayants
Chicago, IL

Awesome Set Up

Excellent machine runs very smooth and quite,weightless like nothing much in your hand makes for pin point precision! Works great any size liners and shaders great for grey wash or packing color , highly recommended and the battery is great, lasts for hours and hours of work

Gino Esposito
Cairo, NY

Tattoo Cartridges

Exactly as I ordered, I received fantastic after sale care as I ordered the wrong thing and had to have the order changed. This was done so with little effort on my part. Thank you

Jacob Dobson